Council Meetings

Council Meetings 2017/2018

All Council Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, commencing at 5.00pm.

The following schedule of Council meetings to be held are open to members of the public:

Council Meeting Dates
July Coorow 5.00pm Wednesday 19 Jul 2017 Ordinary
August Leeman 5.00pm Wednesday 16 Aug 2017 Ordinary
September Warradarge 5.00pm Wednesday 20 Sep 2017 Ordinary
October Coorow 5.00pm Wednesday 18 Oct 2017 Ordinary
November Leeman 5.00pm Wednesday 15 Nov 2017 Ordinary
December Coorow 5.00pm Wednesday 13 Dec 2017 Ordinary
February Leeman 4.30pm Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 Council Forum
February Leeman 5.00pm Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 Ordinary
March Coorow 4.30pm Wednesday 21 Mar 2018 Council Forum
March Coorow 5.00pm Wednesday 21 Mar 2018 Ordinary
April Green Head 4.30pm Wednesday 18 Apr 2018 Council Forum
April Green Head 5.00pm Wednesday 18 Apr 2018 Ordinary
May Coorow 5.00pm Wednesday 16 May 2018 Ordinary
June Leeman 5.00pm Wednesday 20 Jun 2018 Ordinary

The venue for Meetings of Council are either the Leeman Recreation Centre, Green Head Community Centre, Coorow District Hall or Warradarge Meeting Room as indicated.

A question time precedes discussion of matters to be decided at every Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Peter Crispin
Chief Executive Officer