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You will need to complete an application for building permit – uncertified (BA2).

Ensure you include:

  • The owner’s details, construction materials and costings
  • Signature by Builder
  • Applicant’s contact details
  • Construction Training Fund levy payment form (required for building works with a value greater than $20,000)
  • Site plan drawn to scale showing the following:
    • Location and dimensions of the proposed patio, carport and pergola
    • Location of all existing structures on the property
    • Measurement from the boundaries to the proposed, patio, carport and pergola
    • Location of septic tanks and leach drains (if applicable).
  • Construction details drawn to scale showing:
    • Detailed floor plan and elevations
    • Footing and connection details
    • Cross-section details
    • Construction details showing materials used, sizes, spacing and spans of structural members.
  • Structural Engineer’s Certification (all steel frame patio, carport and pergolas will require certification by a registered structural engineer
  • Bushfire Attack Level Report (BAL) if required.

Refer to Building Permit and Fee Calculator.