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Membership to the Shire of Coorow libraries is free and can be made in person at any of the Shire libraries. Fiction, Non Fiction, DVD's, Audios (both Adult and Junior) and Reference Books are available at any Library. Membership will provide access to all three libraries in the Shire, as well as any online resources available in the library online catalogues.

Online Resources

Shire of Coorow Library Catalogues

Items in any Shire of Coorow library can be accessed online via the following link:    Shire of Coorow Library Catalogues

To log in, use your library membership card number (barcode) as the username and the last 4 characters of your barcode as your password. If you do not know your library card number please contact your local Shire of Coorow library.


Kanopy - Video streaming

Access one of the largest collections of Indie films, classic cinema, festival and educational documentaries and movies by using your email address and library card.Kanopy image

  Download the Kanopy app or visit   Kanopy - Video streaming 



 RBDigital - e-magazine

Create a free account with your library card number to access hundreds of magazines for free.

' RBDigital Image'   Download the RBDigital app or visit   RBDigital - e-magazine




 Borrow Box - eBooks and e-Audiobooks

Simply log in with your member details to browse, borrow and listen to eAudiobooks and eBooks anywhere, anytime.

BorrowBox Image   Download the Borrow Box app or visit   Borrow Box - eBooks and eAudiobooks




Coorow Public Library

Coorow Community Resource Centre, Main Street, Coorow WA 6515
Ph: (08) 9952 1266                        Fax: (08) 9952 1277

Open: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm

Leeman Public Library

Leeman Administration Centre, Morcombe Road,  Leeman WA 6514
Ph: (08) 9953 1388                        Fax: (08) 9953 1377
Open: Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm

Green Head Public Library

Green Head Community Centre,   Green Head WA 6514
Hours:    Wednesday 10.00am – 12.00pm
               Saturday 10.00am – 12.00pm

This library is run by Volunteers

eSmart Libraries is a cybersafety system designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology. Click on the link for further information - eSmart website