Shire of Coorow Roads - RAV Ratings

Published: Friday, 18 October 2019 at 2:54:25 PM

Main Roads have assessed the following sections of roads and deemed them suitable for RAV Network 7 Access with no conditions:

  • Buntine Marchagee Rd SLK 0.00 to 28.16
  • South Waddy Rd SLK 2.30 to 23.35
  • Mamboobie Rd SLK 0.00 to 11.94

The section of Brand Mudge Rd between SLK 5.10 to 15.63 has been assessed as suitable for RAV Network 7 Access, with the conditions that there be no operation on unsealed road segment when visibly wet, without the Shire's approval.

Here is link to a map showing the RAV ratings of roads in the Shire of Coorow, more information is available on the Main Roads website.

Main Roads RAV ratings

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