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Building Permit fees

The minimum fee payable with a Building Permit application is now $110.00.

Fees required for the issue of a Building Permit are as per Part 6 of the Building Regulations 2012.

Building Permit fees are calculated at a value of 0.32% of the estimated construction cost as determined by the local government for residential work and outbuildings, and 0.2% of the estimated construction cost for commercial and industrial work.

On behalf of the Construction Training Fund (CTF), the Shire collects a levy calculated at 0.2% of the construction cost (including GST) of a development which is then forwarded to the CTF Board for funding ongoing industry training. This levy is only payable when the works approved exceeds $20,000.

Fees for permits (building, occupancy, building approval certificates and demolition) for projects valued at $45,000 or less cost $61.65.

If the value of the work is over $45,000 the levy will be calculated at 0.137%.

Applications for retrospective approval of unauthorised building work:

  • $45,000 or less will attract a higher levy set as a flat rate of $123.30.
  • More than $45,000, will be 0.274% of the value of the work.

The following document has been created to help you calculate building fees:

Building Fee Calculator (XLS)