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Before the construction of any new building, it's best to check whether you will require a building permit first.

Applications for building permits can be submitted to the Shire of Coorow by landowners if they are less than $20,000. If the building is $20,000 or more you may need to either engage a Registered Builder or become an Owner Builder.

A certified application is accompanied by a certificate of design compliance and can be made for any class of building and incidental structure. the permit authority has 10 business days to decide on a certified application. Applications for Class 1b and Class 2 to Class 9 buildings must be made as certified applications whereas this is optional for Class 1a and 10 buildings and incidental structures.

Uncertified application is submitted to the permit authority without a certificate of design compliance and con only be made for Class 1a and Class 10 buildings and incidental structures. An independent building surveyor is appointed by the permit authority to check the proposal and provide a certificate of design compliance. The permit authority has 25 business days to decide on an uncertified application.

Depending on different factors, buildings may not need a building permit before being constructed.

The following types of building work do not require a building permit:

  • Class 10a buildings (sheds or other non-habitable outbuildings) that are less than 10m2 and 2.4m in height
  • Renovation, alteration, improvement, repair or maintenance of a building or incidental structure that does not affect the structural soundness of the building
  • Retaining walls that are smaller than 0.5m in height
  • Water storage tanks with a capacity of 5,000L or less

The above information is provided for in the Building Regulations 2012

If you are still unsure if you will require a building permit or not,  call to speak to our Building Administration Officer on 9953 1388.

BA1 - Application for Building Permit ( Certified)

BA2 - Application for Building Permit (Uncertified)

BA5 - Application for Demolition Permit

BA7- Notice of Completion

Request A copy of plans for an exciting structure

Property owners are able to request copies of plans for their property (or authorise a third party to collect) in the event that their own copies are lost or destroyed. 

All property plans are available to be posted or collected from the Shire. The transmission of plans electronically is not available. An administrative fee(s) is also payable to undertake this service. Please refer to the Shire's Fees & Charges for this cost. 

lodge your application

For information on the building approvals process in WA please see the Guide to Building Approvals process in WA


For more information regarding the construction of buildings within the Shire, please contact the Shire's Building Services department on 089952 0100 option 2