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When do I need a building permit? 

The Building Act 2011 has changed the building approval process in WA to provide flexibility and choice for both builders and consumers when making an application.

The Building Act 2011 separates the process of certifying that a design complies with building standards from the administrative process of the local government issuing building approval.

A certificate of design compliance is issued by a registered building surveyor (private practice or local government) to confirm certification, and a building permit is issued by the local government permit authority to confirm approval to build. Building companies are free to contract (but not directly employ) registered building surveyors and offer certification as part of the building service to their customers.

In addition, the Building Act 2011 introduces new requirements for construction and completion. For all classes of building the builder must submit a notice of completion within seven days of finishing work under a permit. This notice establishes the end date of the building permit for compliance and record keeping purposes and signifies the point from which the builder has fulfilled his obligations regarding compliance with the Act.

A notice of completion does not affect contractual matters such as the contents or timing of a notice of practical completion or any requirements to make good any defects to a building before a final certificate is issued.

Further information advice and guidance notes regarding the legislation can be found on the Building Commission website.

Please Note: Under the Building Act 2011 the Shire is not permitted to accept incomplete applications - as such please ensure all required information is provided.

Building Approvals

A Building Permit is required for the erection of dwellings, additions, alterations or extensions, outbuildings (sheds), patios, carports, shade structures (either attached to the dwelling or free standing) and swimming pools, either above or below ground.

Any construction of a residential nature in a Residential Zone (refer to Local Planning Scheme) must comply with the requirements of the Residential Design Codes in order to avoid undue delay in the Building License. To assist we have produced general information handouts regarding setbacks for Residential Buildings in Residential Areas and Outbuildings (sheds) in Residential Areas.

Variations may be considered by the Shire where specific requirements or Heritage requirements impact. Consideration should be given to orientation of buildings on site to suit the climate and capture breezes.