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Animal Control

Every dog owner has a legal responsibility to keep his pet under control at all times.

This is achieved by ensuring that the property where the dog is ordinarily kept has sufficient gates and fences to prevent the dog escaping. Whilst exercising your dog in public, it must be kept on a leash (not longer than 2 metres) at all times. The person exercising the dog must be capable of controlling it (physical ability) in the event that the dog attempts to run off or fight another dog.

In areas designated for the purpose of dog exercise, that is, where dogs may be let off leashes, the dog must still remain under your effective control. This means that you must still carry a leash with you to tether the dog should it be necessary.

For any further information regarding animal control, please contact Leeman Shire Office or Coorow Shire Office (08)9952 0100.


All dogs aged (3) months and over MUST be registered.

At  ALL times, dogs must wear a current registration tag.
Council must be notified IMMEDIATELY if any particulars contained in the registration change.

The 50 % discount on dog registration fees is applicable ONLY to persons issued a current valid Pensioner Concession Card.

If your dog has been sterilised and you wish to claim the reduced fee, proof of sterilisation MUST be shown by presenting the Certificate issued by the Veterinary Surgeon. Other forms of proof accepted include the receipt of services rendered by the Veterinary Clinic or previous registration certificate from another local government showing reduced fee rate.

If your dog is used for droving or tending to stock and you wish to claim the reduced fee, a Statutory Declaration MUST be completed declaring that information as true and correct.

Click the links below to download the registration forms:

Dog Registration Form

Cat Registration Form

Registration Fees

Standard Fees:

1 Year

3 Years


Unsterilised dog or bitch




Sterilised dog or bitch




Pensioner Fees (50% of Standard):


Unsterilised dog or bitch




Sterilised dog or bitch




Dogs Used for Droving/Tending Stock (25% of Standard):


Unsterilised dog or bitch




Sterilised dog or bitch




Cat Registration

Regular Registrations  
One Year $20.00
Three Year $42.50
Pensioner concessions (50% of Standard)  
One Year $10.00
Three Year $21.25
Lifetime Registration  
Non - Pensioner  $100.00
 Pensioner $50.00

Other Fees

Ranger Fees:


Impounding/Seizure of Animal


Sustenance – per day


Surrender and/or destruction of a Dog/Cat


Administrative Fees:


Replacement Registration tag


Hire of Bark Collar

$33.00 per week

Dog ID Name/Address Tag


Pound Information

The Pounds are located at:

Leeman works Depot
Cnr of Snapper and Lake Street

Coorow Works Depot
South Street

If your dog has been impounded, current prescribed fees for its recovery are applicable as follows:

Seizure/Impounding of Animal $130.00

Daily Sustenance $25.00

Additional costs may be incurred relating to statutory requirements.

Dog Surrender/ Destruction

If for a legitimate reason a dog owner can no longer keep their dog, it may be surrendered to the Ranger. The owner must complete a “Destruction of a Dog Authority” form and pay the prescribed fee upon surrender. Once finalised, the owner no longer has any legal standing in relation to this dog.

Current prescribed fee for the surrender of a dog is as follows:

Surrender and/or Destruction of a Dog $125.00

For more information contact Leeman Shire Office Or Coorow Shire Office (08)9952 0100, or send an email to

Dogs Wandering at Large

Council is authorised under statute to seize and detain dogs found wandering at large in public places and not held on a leash.

On the Spot Infringement $200

Prosecution Maximum Penalty $1000

Exercise Areas

The following areas are designated dog exercise areas within the Shire of Coorow:

  • Coorow Townsite

Rotary Park

  • Green Head Townsite

The beach from Johns Street extending 500m south.

The beach from Bingham Street (South Bay Easterly car park) extending 600m south

  • Leeman Townsite

The beach from Jones Street extending 500m south

The beach from Rudduck Street Boat Ramp, north to Dee Street Boat Ramp.

For more information contact Leeman Shire Office or Coorow Shire Office (08)9952 0100, or send an email to

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