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Refuse/Recycle Services

Avon Waste is Council's Rubbish Collection Contractor.

Avon Waste has its base of operations in Geraldton and provides removal services to a significant number of towns including Three Springs, Dongara, Carnarvon, Carnamah and Mullewa.

With the change in contract arrangements certain changes have been made with the service.  They are as follows:

240L bins collected on Monday & Wednesdays


Rubbish Collection of 240L bins is each Monday

Recycle Collection of Yellow Lid 240L bins will be collected every second Monday

For premises that have Bulk Bins will be emptied on Wednesday.


Rubbish Collection of 240L bins is each Wednesday

Recycle Collection of Yellow Lid 240L bins will be collected every second Wednesday.

For premises that have  Bulk Bins will be emptied on Wednesdays .

Recycle Calendar

Positioning of bins

All bins should be placed out for collection by 6.00am on the refuse collection day.

Bins should be positioned within one metre of the kerb or edge of bitumen, with the wheel positioned away from the kerb or road.

Placement of the bins in any other orientation presents a problem for the lifting equipment and might result in the bin not being collected.

Service charges -  240L bin

All occupiable Industrial, Commercial and Residential Premises are charged for a weekly single 240L bin service.  The annual charge applies regardless of whether or not a bin is put out for collection.

Additional 240L bin collections can be provided to all premises with an additional refuse charge being levied for each extra bin

Further for Commercial or Industrial Premises, where the number of bins you need is subject to seasonal variation, arrangements can be made for the collection of additional bins, for the period required, without incurring a uniform charge throughout the year.  Should you wish to pursue this option please contact  the Leeman Administration Centre on (08) 9953 1388.

Bins to be kept in good order

Bins which are split, have broken lid hinges or are otherwise unserviceable need to be repaired or replaced.

The contract, with Veolia, provides that they will provide 240L bins for new services and where existing 240L bin bins become unserviceable.  However, where the bin is provided by the contractor the bin will be owned by the contractor.

To request a bin to replace a defective bin please contact the at the Leeman Administration Centre on (08) 9953 1388.

Care of bins

Regardless of whether or not a 240L bin is owned by the property owner or the contractor, it is required that the owner/occupier of premises;

  • Clean the bin as required
  • Store the bin behind the building line of the property, when it is not out for collection.
  • Not dispose of Liquid, Oils and Solvents in the bin.
  • Take all reasonable care to ensure bins are not stolen, damaged or misused.
  • Not over-load the bin.
  • Generally the content of a bins should not exceed 70kg.
  • Bins should not be loaded with heavy items or with excessively heavy contents such as large machinery parts, rubble, bricks, soil or the like.

Waste oil

Tanks for the receipt of waste motor oil for recycling are located at the Shire Depots in each town.