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Community feedback on the concept plan has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated in the latest community engagement on the Coorow Aquatic Centre. The purpose for the engagement was to get feedback on the draft concept plan.

The Shire of Coorow has secured funding of $650,000 from Department Local Government, Sports, Cultural Industries and due to the outcome of the BBRF grants being unsuccessful, at the March Council Meeting, Council adopted a resolution to use Shire reserve funds of $410,000 and apply for a loan of $4,452,500 from WA Treasury Corp.

The construction of a public swimming pool in Coorow has been a high priority for the Shire for a number of years. In December 2021 a discussion moved forward to continue upgrade the Swimming Pool which originally constructed in 1979.

The new Aquatic Centre that will be constructed in the northern west side of the Maley Park recreation centre will be ideally placed to meet increased demand and provide greater convenience for residents of our Shire and tourists. The new centre will transform Coorow Recreation Centre and bring significant social and economic benefits to the area and surrounding suburbs. The site will have easy access for the general public and provide more beneficial impact for other sporting clubs. An update will be shared to the community and will be published to all Shire media.




The Shire of Coorow received funding from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications through the LRCI Program for allocation of $40,000 to improve Rotary Park in Coorow. Council will use part of this funding to make necessary improvements across the park to bring it into-line with community needs and ensure it is fit for purpose.

Community members are invited to share their ideas on public space improvements within the Coorow Rotary Park. Community Engagement will be open from 24 May until 14 June 2022. The upgrade is proposed to revitalize and enhance the park by providing a welcome, safe, and comfortable place for all ages to gather and connect, as well as creating a destination point for people visiting or passing through Coorow. We are wanting community feedback on what you'd like to see at the Coorow Rotary Park, what's working and what's not. 

Community can participate by taking a quick survey through this link: or collect the hard copy from the Shire offices in Coorow or Leeman and return it to the Shire’s Community Development Officer at or meet the Shire CDO on Thursday 2nd June at Coorow Library from 10am to 11am and Leeman Library from 2pm to 3pm.




The Shire is delighted to announce that we are planning to upgrade the public park located in the Ocean View Drive, Green Head. The upgrade aims to provide a welcoming, safe, and comfortable local park for residents in adjacent units and nearby street.

After the community workshop on the 17th February, we have received so many fabulous ideas from the community. As part of the upgrade, we are proposing to provide seating and opportunities for art and play. We have prepared a draft concept below to show you how the park could look. The concept provides more accessibility and opportunities for outdoor activities and picnics.

Council are now inviting members of the community to provide feedback with what you love about Lot 601 Park, what you don't like and any ideas you have to give, so we can get a better understanding of your preference for the park.

Submit your feedback by completing the form, or collect from the Shire offices in Coorow and Leeman or email Ayu Orma at Community Engagement will be open from 27th April until 18th May 2022. For more information contact the Shire CDO, Ayu Orma on 995 0100 or at




The Shire of Coorow is proud to announce it has been awarded a Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal grant for the installation of a Beach Shelter Project at Back Beach in Leeman. This project is a collaborative initiative between the Shire of Coorow and Leeman Townscape and Tourism Advisory Group.

This new meeting place will allow for formal and informal community discussion to take place across the community. We look forward to all conversations and gatherings in this place to provide amongst the many other benefits. We know climate challenges and we need to actively build drought resilience; and drought preparation. This project allows us to come together, work and meet as a community, stay and invite others to our community,  and harness connection and collaboration, and remain connected as a community. 

This project is anticipated to be completed by late July 2022. When its up and in position, pack your picnic bag and check out the new meet up point at the Back Beach in Leeman.



Works are progressing well at making the facility safer for the community. Some of the projects have been completed including the underpinning of the south west corner of the changerooms and corner of the main building, new secure glass windows and frames have been installed. The old uneven brick paving has been lifted and been nicely replaced by local contractor, Maximum Impact Handyman & Building Maintenance and is expected to be ready to welcome the sporting groups for the first home game at the end of this month.

More finishing touches are to be completed such as an installation of CCTV, new outdoor shelter, new outdoor benches, new drinking water station, kitchen upgrade, and the electronic key access control. The sporting clubs will be notified when these projects will commence. The Shire is pleased to announce that this project has been made possible through funding from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (LRCI program) to continue to provide an essential space as part of a social and wellbeing support to our community, which this is aligned to the Shire Strategic Community Plan.